M12 Doube Seat Support Mechanism GF00#/00J#

One Fold Italy Sofa Bed Actions

  1. Double seat support system for super seat comfort.

  2. For wood slats construction, no bars in the sleeping area and all flexsible curved slats in this area.

  3. Convenient for sleeping due to backrest and cushion staying with mechanism,one step to open the sleeper by lady.

  4. Heavy gauge tublar design for contract purpose,optional for wood slats and metal grid in sleeping area.

  5. Two versions: GF00SK/WK# (KD base frame ),NF00SJ/WJ ( Fixed base frame).S means wood slats and w means metal grid for this action.

  6. More than 2000 cycles of stress test.

  7. Pass the TUV test.


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