M12 Overnight High-Leg Standard Cavity 2600#

Bi Fold Sofa Sleeper Mechanisms

  1. It is high leg for standard cavity 2500 series.

  2. High Leg 26xx,"XX" means the mounting size of mechanism.King 72",Queen is 68",Full 60",Twin 44",Mini twin 40" and single 33".2572 or 2672 means king size low leg or high leg version.

  3. We also offer 26XXL,"L" means seat cushion angle for seat comfort.

  4. The new updating model is N26XX,"N" means you no longer feel the metal cross bar to reduce the backache when you take cheaper mattress.

  5. We now offer air breath and fire-proof new deck material for better sitting and sleeping.

  6. The maximum wooden leg is 14cm and 12cm is better.