LINKREST CHINA (Website in USA www.Linkrest.TM )

LINKREST is the biggest sofa sleeper mechanism manufacturer in Jiaxing China, which adds value to leading upholstery brands with wide-selection of high quality and technically innovative sofa bed mechanisms both in domestic and international market. 

factories are located in five minutes away from  very acient and famous city Jiaxing which enjoys more than 2000 years of history.Wuzhen,Xitang,Moon River Street and South Lake are national scenic areas in this city.Our factories also are very close to Shanghai,Hangzhou,Suzhou and Ningbo, only one and a half hours drive away from these cities.

Our future is dependent on our passion for more value added and brand new designing, high quality products and professional service while meeting our finacial objectives. We have been investing in R&D and automatic production lines and finding the best solutions to reduce the cost and lead time for customer satisfaction.

Raw material and transportation costs rise a lot nowadays, we are working very hard to find technical solutions like our DIY mechanisms and redesigned construction to  make end users happy.

We realized  that sofa sleeper played more and more important roles in the furniture industry, but we need to think very hard for continuing impovements such as:

(1) How to make seat as comfortable as stationary seat and how to make sleeper as comfortable as bedroom bed.

(2) How to save delivery cost both for mechanism and finished sleeper.

(3) How to operate simply for end users both manual and power versions.

(4) How to meet all kind of stationary sofa designs, such as mid and high leg version etc.

(5) How to upholster finished sleeper simply to save labor costs and shipment lead time etc.

Nowdays, technology is critical to a success for both of us, we are happy to serve you in the near future! 



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