Jiaxing Rest Furniture & Applicance Co.,Ltd.

ADD:No.166 Duoyuan Rd,Tengyun Cun(Village), Wangjiangjing Development Zone,Jiaxing,China,314016

ATTENTION:Our location is 500M away from Shen Jia Hu High-speed Exit "Wang jiang jing".Just in the cross point between Express road S12 and S07.

Contact Information :

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Ms. kitty Dai:       Wechat: kitty_Linkrest         email:kitty.dai@linkrest.com        Phone:+86-198 1707 7669

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Ms. Nicole Yu:     Wechat: Nicole_linkrest      email:Nicole.yu@linkrest.com      Phone:+86-182 5732 9078

United Kingdom Area:   Matt Plant                email:sales@rjbinnie.co.uk          Phone: +0044 1162849063

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Argentina Area:Mr. Enzo Picaro                     email:enzo@maiplas.com.ar           Phone:  +54911-33834010